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Even far into the future, schools haven't changed since the 1900's. Like, do schools even teach math like that anymore?

I believe that is why they have it "plugging a hole." Otherwise everyone would just want to blow it up and be done with it.

Good dad Umbra protecting the innocent.

Turned out GREAT :)

Thank you for being MissingNo.'s friend when no one else would.

The Grineer soldier just wanted an easy mission today. Go destroy some sleeping Tenno they said. But no, his boss gets killed and this crazy guy says "capture the Awakened Tenno."

This is the last thing he sees.

and here I thought you would get the flight jacket https://twitter.com/playwarframe/status/1321957393710960640

I don't know if that's amazing use of her ability or just so overpowered it's in bs territory.

Does this mean she is de-powered if showing up in a cartoon that doesn't have comic panel effects?

MarikBentusi responds:

Hmm, not sure how she'd fare in another medium! She'd definitely be out of luck if her powers were strictly tied to comics and didn't morph to suit whatever medium she's placed in.

In my mind her powers are potent, but fickle.
For example if she relied too heavily on a certain trick, the author could leave her hanging during a fight sequence by skipping ahead - no comic pages available during the skipped period! It's up to her to make the fight worth drawing!
There's also some things I have in mind for how the 4th wall elements would be detrimental to her. Tangible speedlines for example would turn into dangerous needles.
I kinda think of her as a D&D paladin/cleric: Having God on your site is one hell of an ally, but they won't solve all your problems.

Robots already replacing Pizza Thot employees. What has become of us.

Hot Dam :D

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